The Sky Fly

A revolution in outdoor LED screen technology

The world's most versatile screen. 33m² and built with the latest 8mm SMD technology the Sky-Fly offers flexibility and superb image quality.

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sky fly led screen
The All-In-One

When a screen just isn't enough

With on-board power, edit suite, options including PA system, lighting and built in stage the All-in-One is perfect for just about anything and everything.

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led screen
20m² LED Screen

Sometimes smaller is better

This screen is ideal for smaller events. Due to its compact size this screen is perfect for events where space is at a premium and a bigger screen won't fit.

Outdoor Event LED Screen Hire Outdoor Event LED Screen Hire Outdoor Event LED Screen Hire Outdoor Event LED Screen Hire Outdoor Event LED Screen Hire Outdoor Event LED Screen Hire
led screen

Big TV is a private limited company that has been successfully operating as a supplier of high-quality LED screens in the rental market for over 15 years. The mission statement of the business has always been to provide an affordable first-class service to our clients in every aspect of the company and this has remained as a primary focus throughout our work, as the business has grown over the years. We have our own fleet of mobile LED screens, which include some of the world’s most unique and innovative designs.

During our 15 years we’ve gained a wealth of experience not only in how LED screens work and what is required to make a high quality LED screen, but also about the events industry and what is needed to provide an excellent service at your event.

We strive to provide you with a full event solution, and you can take comfort in knowing that an LED screen from Big TV isn’t just an LED screen. All of our mobile LED screens have on-board generators, built in full production edit suites with a variety of inputs and a wide range of additional AV equipment and services available. Our screen technicians are well trained and have experience working on a wide range of events – once on site they will rig the screen and operate the edit suite throughout your event. Our production team will work with you in the lead up to your event to make sure both you and our technical team know exactly what is expected of us and what is required to make your event a success.

We’re proud that in our years of operation we’ve built up a number of repeat clients who we’ve been working with for years, which we see as testament to their customer satisfaction on the service that we provide.

Our commitment to Quality

We pride ourselves on providing outstanding attention to detail, full technical support and expert consultancy across our entire range of services. We understand the importance of delivering a product and service to clients that is both high quality and reliable. We like to think our professional capability does not make us unapproachable. Our friendly team of experts happily work on all projects, large or small.
We have been in operation for many years now and have built up a large base of repeat clients who have been impressed with the level of service we provide and the levels of customer satisfaction we aim to achieve.
Big TV’s Technical team are responsible for ensuring quality standards are maintained on all equipment and services on-site at events. We find it beneficial to have our own in-house technicians, rather than freelance crew. In our experience, they take great pride in the maintenance and upkeep of our screens and equipment to ensure they are always of a high standard. They continuously work to ensure all equipment is kept at the highest standard of quality and conforms to the highest level of health and safety regulations. Prior to and following an event our technicians are responsible for all in-house safety checks to ensure our screens and equipment are always in perfect working condition.

All of our equipment is cleaned and maintained on a regular basis. Regular maintenance includes:
   -   A certified hydraulic inspection on all heavy equipment is carried out every 12 months by an independent company.
   -   Maintenance service is carried out every 12 months on screen trucks by an independent company.
   -   Screen trailers are annually inspected (including electrical, air, corrosion, brakes, bearings) by an independent company.
   -   In-house inspections on all LED panels and screen equipment is carried out each month, and after each event during our peak season (May – September). A maintenance checklist is completed and kept on file.

We take great pride in the appearance and high quality of not only our LED screens, but the trailers they are housed in and the trucks they are transported by. As a guarantee of this quality, we are very happy for one of your representatives to inspect the trailer and screen with our technician when we’re set up on site. If you raise any concerns, we will do our upmost to rectify these issues. Throughout your event we also offer the guarantee that if more than one panel fails whilst the screen is in operation, we will give you a full refund of the cost of screen hire.

Our commitment to Safety

At Big TV we understand the importance of Health and Safety in today’s event industry and take this very seriously.
With regards to our vehicles and equipment, a certified hydraulic inspection on all heavy equipment is carried out every 6 months by an independent company. Maintenance is carried our every 3 months on screen trucks, also by an independent company. The screen trailers are annually inspected (including electrics - PAT tests, air, corrosion, brakes & bearings) by an independent company.
We carry out in-house inspections on all LED panels and screen equipment each month, and after each event during our peak season (May – September).
BIG TV UK Ltd is committed to ensuring the safety of its employees, customers, members of the public and anyone else who are affected by our operations. We operate in accordance with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, The Management of Health & Safety Regulations 1999 and all other applicable regulations and codes of practice.
We have Risk Assessment Procedures in place for all work activities as required by the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 and associated legislation. Significant risks are assessed with suitable and sufficient measures being adopted to allow each contractor to carry out their duties safely and without risk to health. All risks are documented and evaluated in our Risk Assessment documentation which is completed for each event.
In 2010 we felt the need to appoint an independent H&S company to review our policies and offer advice and training, so we recruited HS Direct as our H&S advisors. Staff are now trained in more aspects of H&S, and H&S documentation and advice is more easily accessible via the HS Direct portal. Our H&S Manager corresponds with HS Direct who advise on any relevant training for staff. They also send through any updated legislation we need to be aware of.

On joining the company, all staff must take part in a Health and Safety induction outlining important information on first aid, fire precautions and procedures and accident reporting. All H&S documentation is made available in hard copy and on the company drive.
Where necessary the company will arrange or provide suitable training for both management and operatives, in particular where new work practices or equipment are introduced.
The nature of the work our technicians and screen operators are to carry out means we expect them to have completed a Manual Handling course at the minimum, alongside Accident Prevention & Control and General Safety Legislation. They must also be aware of the H&S policies on working at a height (as outlined in our Method Statements). Management attend the H&S courses recommended for staff and admin staff should have minimum training in Fire Prevention and Control and General Safety Legislation. On-site, suitable equipment will be provided and maintained in a safe condition, and safe systems of work will be devised.
Each contractor will be made aware of the responsibility for their own health and safety and that of others. All contractors will be given the opportunity to consult with Big TV management on matters relating to Health & Safety.
Our online H&S portal contains our accident book where we record, report and investigate any incidents. In the years Big TV has been in operation, there have been no dangerous occurrences, major injuries or fatalities.
We are aware and actively adhere to all laws and regulations applicable to our organisation and we regularly check the Net Regs website for updates and amendments. We are also Chas accredited and have enclosed the Chas certificate.

Our commitment to Sustainability

We invest in high quality LED products which have a much longer lifespan than other screens in the market. High quality products don’t require as many repairs, so it reduces waste materials. The longer lifespan of our equipment increases their sustainability. Our mobile LED screens are fitted with equipment so that the on-board edit suites and electrical equipment can run without having to start the on-board generator. This means we can reduce the amount of time our generators are in use for, reducing our fuel consumption and carbon emissions. Our generators are regularly serviced to make sure they are running as efficiently as possible. All waste oil is taken away to be recycled and re-used.
All of our equipment is housed within the one mobile screen unit, and whenever possible all our crew will travel in this vehicle as well – limiting the use of vehicles and additional fuel. Whilst on site, once our screen is in position, our crew will travel on foot, or using bicycles where possible.
Waste is kept to a minimum and not left on site. Any waste brought back to our unit is recycled where possible.
We have our own Environmental Management System and Audit System which is monitored through our external H&S advisors.
We monitor the Environmental Agency’s Netregs website to keep up to date with any environmental Legislation which is relevant to us and make sure we address any of these issues in our Environmental Policy and Audits. We also carry out COSHH assessments where required, e.g with diesel and Engine oil.

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