Air & Country Shows

Air Shows and County or Agricultural Shows are increasingly popular across the UK appealing to families and individuals alike. Over the years Big TV has been in operation, we’ve seen an increase in the requests for outdoor LED screens at these events.

Why use Big TV?

Superb quality LED screens
Variety of screen sizes available to suit your event
On-board Generators
Sound Systems available


Branding and on-screen advertising options
Quick set up and de-rig
Pre-production and on-site expertise from experienced staff and crew
Live HD camera relays at your event

Using an LED screen is the perfect way to maximise your audience’s engagement with the event and increase their enjoyment of it. Our outdoor mobile screens are used to provide close up shots of activities taking place around the site or in the air to ensure your audience don’t miss a thing.

We can provide HD quality broadcast cameras with crew which can be operated wirelessly using Gigawave links. We then transmit a live feed back to our LED screen, which can be edited and played out to audiences near the screen. This again, means audiences are more engaged with your event and don’t miss what’s happening around a potentially large site.

As our on-board production suites allow us to seamlessly mix between live camera relays and pre-recorded footage, the screens are often used for advertising and sponsorship, which is a great way for clients to subsidise their event.

Our Twitter Wall app allows audiences to engage with event organisers and others at the event, by having their tweets broadcast on the big screen for all to see.

Messages and maps can be broadcast to the masses with information on what’s coming up at the event and where things are taking place, making sure your audience don’t miss out on any excitement through the day.

With so many ways to utilise a mobile LED screen at your event, they are a great investment at any outdoor show.