Outdoor Cinema

LED screens are a great option for outdoor cinema events. Using LEDs gives a brighter image meaning you can utilise the screen for the full day, rather than having to wait until hours of dusk/darkness to broadcast on a projector screen.

Why use Big TV?

Superb quality LED screens
Variety of screen sizes available to suit your event
On-board Generators
Sound Systems available


Branding and on-screen advertising options
Help with licensing
Quick set up and de-rig
Pre-production and on-site expertise from experienced staff and crew

Our mobile screens have on-board edit suites and generators so we can be operational within 30 minutes of arriving on site and can play out a range of content in a variety of formats. If you’re using advertising or want to show sponsorship during your event, we can easily switch between DVDs and pre-recorded adverts.

Our 46sqm mobile LED screens have on-board 9K PA D&B sound systems and we can provide ground stacked PA sound systems in a variety of sizes with our other screens.

For drive-in cinema events we can provide FM transmitters and apply to Ofcom on your behalf for an FM frequency to use at the event.

We can apply to Filmbank on your behalf to obtain licensing to show your chosen films, or help you with your application.

Why not maximise your event and use one of our All-in-one 46sqm mobile LED screens with stage and sound to have on-site show during the day, following by a matinee and evening cinema?

Contact us today to discuss your requirements and see how we can help you!