Our wide range of LED mobile screen sizes mean that we can cater for festivals of any size. Our 46sqm all-in-one units are ideal for smaller scale events where you’d like a stage and screen in one. Our on-board 9K D&B sound system can be enhanced with additional ground stacked speakers around the site, audio desks can easily be wired in and on-stage monitors and microphones can be added.

Why use Big TV?

Superb quality LED screens
Twin 46sqm LED screens – ideal for large scale events with big audiences
All in one solution – perfect for smaller events


Branding options
Quick set up and de-rig
Pre-production and on-site expertise from experienced staff and crew

Our stage is an idea size but can be built forward using height adjustable stage panels if you want to create a larger space, or specific set design (catwalk stage for example).

For large scale events, our 2 x 46sqm mobile screens are a mirror image of each other allowing them to neatly back up to either side of a stage with perfect symmetry. As the screens can rotate 360 degrees on their hydraulic masts, they can also face the back of the trailer if preferred.

We can provide professional broadcast quality camera crew to film your event, we can then live mix and stream this content onto our LED screens using our on-board production suites. Or, if you prefer to provide your own cameras, crew and mixing facilities, that’s not a problem – we’ll simply provide a plug and play service, but you can still be assured that you’ll have use of our on-board generator and our screen technicians will be on-hand to provide assistance when needed.