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Meet Our Team

Big TV Team

Simon Woodcock

Head Technician

Our head technician, Simon Woodcock has several years of experience in this industry and a sound knowledge of both screens and events. When Simon founded Big TV UK Ltd in 2003 his mission statement was to provide the highest quality equipment with full technical support and expert consultancy within the event field.

As he helped design and select the equipment used by Big TV today, he has been directly involved in building some of the world’s most complex, unique and innovative screens, which we hire within our mobile fleet. He has an excellent understanding and capability as a screen technician and ensures his knowledge and understanding of screens and the industry is passed on to everyone within Big TV so that we can apply this knowledge to the day to day processes of Project Management and in communication with our clients to ensure we’re providing the best service possible.

Big TV Team

Joanne Fisher


Joanne has been working with Big TV for 10 years and has an excellent understanding of our LED screens, on-board edit suites and AV equipment. During her time with us she has acted as lead technician and vision mixer on a number of high-profile events, mixing live multi-camera feeds to broadcast to audiences of tens of thousands on our LED screens. Joanne is responsible for managing our in-house technicians and for organising the upkeep and maintenance of our screens and vehicles. She takes pride in this position and is an invaluable member of the team.

Big TV Team

Zach Woodcock

Apprentice Technician

Zach joined Big TV in 2017 and is very quickly proving himself to be a hard-working and dedicated member of the team. With a firm grasp of our AV equipment he is gaining a good knowledge of the outdoor event industry and what our clients expect from Big TV and the services we provide. Moving forward, Zach is keen to learn more about Big TV as a whole and develop his skills as a screen technician, focussing on live vision mixing and the functionality of our on-board production suites.

Big TV Team

Joanne Woodcock

Office Manager

As Joanne helped to start Big TV, she was responsible for implementing many of the office procedures still used in our event planning process today. As the company has grown through the years, she has passed her knowledge on to the Production Team but is still regularly involved in key decision-making processes and is always on hand to offer advice when needed.

Her position as Health and Safety Officer in previous employment has been very beneficial as the H&S requirements of the Outdoor Event industry has changed. As Big TV’s Health and Safety Officer she ensures all of our H&S documentation and maintenance checks are up to date and she liaises with our external H&S advisors to make sure the company is up to date on all relevant legislation.

Joanne’s knowledge of the LED screen industry has been gained during her time working at Big TV during which she has developed a strong understanding of the capabilities of mobile LED screens and the varying quality of LEDs, she knows a good screen when she sees one! She has been a driving force in ensuring the high standards of both quality and professionalism in all aspects of Big TV.

Big TV Team

Amy Coates

Production Manager

Amy began working for Big TV over 10 years ago as a Production Coordinator and moved up to the role of Production Manager as the company grew. Before Big TV, Amy worked in live sporting events and TV production, in this role she had the opportunity to work alongside various LED screen companies. During her time at Big TV she has developed a sound knowledge of outdoor events and LED screen capabilities, she has also implemented various systems into the pre-production process ensuring that we provide the right product and equipment to each event and the crew are fully briefed with all event and health & safety information prior to arriving on site at an event. She enjoys working with the technical team on-site at events where possible as it allows the opportunity to meet clients and further her understanding of our LED screens and AV equipment.

Big TV Team

Samantha Wells

Production Coordinator & Accounts

Samantha has been working at Big TV for over 5 years and plays a key role in client liaison and pre-event planning. She understands the AV products that Big TV can deliver and the best way to meet a client’s requirements on site. Sam’s previous experience in customer service led roles is clear to see with her friendly, approachable manner both within the team and when dealing with clients. She approaches every task with pride, enthusiasm and a smile and we love working with her! Samantha manages Big TV accounts and payments along with our part-time accounts team.