Filming & Camera Equipment

We use professional camera equipment for ultimate reliability and superior image quality, but even the finest equipment needs the skills of an experienced camera operator to produce the results you deserve.

Our cameramen are experts when it comes to outdoor filming. Each has experience filming for a wide range of events inlcuding concerts, documentaries, corporate & promotional videos. Some of the equipment they use is listed below.

Sony PMW-350

The PMW-350 extends the multiple award-winning XDCAM EX Solid State Recording product family with a new shoulder mount design and cutting edge new three 2/3 inch-type Exmor full-HD CMOS sensors.

The PMW-350 offers all the advanced creative recording features of the PMW-EX1R compact camcorder, plus enhancements such as a Scene File System and 4 channel audio.

Sony PMW-EX3

These cameras are used solely for on-stage and hand-held filming. Used wirelessly with our short range IDX wireless system, means they're lightweight and our camera man can move around easily on stage without trailing cables which can pose a health and safety risk.

Wireless Links

We can supply Gigawave wireless digital and analogue links alongside camera and screen hire for your event. These can be used as a clip-on system to operate cameras wirelessly or as a point to point link to send video and audio feeds between screens.

They can be a useful addition to any event, particularly if the alternative is to run cables over a long distance.

Speakers & Audio Equipment

Our Mobile and Modular LED Screens can be enhanced with a superb sound system which is just right for your venue. Amplifier, speaker and sub-woofer modules are combined in any quantity to provide the perfect audio-visual experience.

Big TV sound systems are practically free from distortion and background noise, delivering crystal clear audio - whatever the volume level demanded.

In addition to our on-board sound systems (available with the 46sqm and all-in-one units) we can provide a range of ground stacked PA speaker systems, from 2K to 10K with a variety of bass and top speakers.

D&B Audio Q1 Loudspeaker

The Q1 is a passive two-way loudspeaker housing two 10" LF drivers positioned in a dipolar arrangement and a 1.3" HF compression driver fitted to a toroidal wave shaping device.

Superb reproduction throughout the sound spectrum makes it ideal for speech, vocal and instrumental music.

D&B Audio D12 Amplifier

The D&B D12 amplifier is a dual channel amplifier incorporating digital signal processors (DSP) to provide loudspeaker specific configurations and functions.

Yamaha Digital Mixing Desk

Since its initial release in 1998, the 01V has been the mixer of choice for a wide variety of applications, ranging from recording and production environments to live sound and installation setups.

Editing & Production Services

With all our screens we offer a complete production and live editing service. We take care of the camera work, video editing and all aspects of post production.

Hiring not only a screen from Big TV but production services as well ensures a continuity that separate companies offering the same services cannot provide.

Newtek TriCaster 800 series edit suite

Just plug in, power on, and you’re up and running with your very own show in no time.

Mix cameras, video, graphics, audio, titles, network sources and custom animated effects. No other hardware required.

Portable Production Units

To support our modular indoor screen hires, we have a range of portable production units available including Tricaster Mini and Rowland mixers. We use Calibre and NovaStar processors and scalers. Our technicians are knowledgeable with all of our kit and will select the best product for your event, depending on the specification and requirements to ensure we deliver a seamless and professional event.

Twitter Wall

Our Twitter Wall is a great feature to encourage audience interaction at your event and increase traffic to your social media platforms. Simply let us know your Twitter handle or chosen hashtag and we’ll invite you to use our simple app (via any mobile device). You can monitor and approve the tweets that you’re happy to broadcast and screen, these will then be added to an approved list which will play out on a loop at intervals throughout your event (or at specific times of your choosing). It’s a simple and effective way of promoting your event, bearing in mind that people’s tweets will be seen on Twitter worldwide as well as on our LED screen at your event – you could even start trending!